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David Prince

Co-Owner | CF-L1 | CF-L2 | CPR/AED Certified

I have always been active in sports (football, wrestling, lacrosse) and outdoor activities. I have coached high school wrestling for over 10 years, and I am currently the varsity head coach at a local HS. I played college and semi pro-football. I've coached football at the high school, semi-pro, and professional developmental league levels. I am also a certified HS football, wrestling, and Lacrosse official. 

I stared Crossfit in November 2014. I went through many years of beating down the same paths at the local "Globo" gyms. My overall health and fitness were deteriorating. I finally gave in and decided to try CrossFit. After spending at least 2 years researching and doing CrossFit style workouts on my own, I quickly found that piece that had been missing. CrossFit keeps me active, engaged, and brought out my inner competitor.  I quickly "drank the Kool-aid", and attempted my first competition 4 months in, and quickly learned what my weaknesses were. I have since competed in several competitions and continue to train for others.   

I love doing CrossFit and sharing my knowledge about the sport of fitness. The best part about CrossFit, is that there is always something to improve and there are people around you encouraging you to find your best. 

Favorite Barbell Movement: Thrusters

Favorite WOD: Diane

Least Favorite WOD: Fight Gone Bad - it gets me every time, I go into it with a plan and it never works out.

Justin Jabara CrossFit Coach


Co-Owner | CF-L1| AED/CPR Certified

Favorite Barbell Movement: Thrusters

Favorite WOD: FRAN

Daniel Hartner

CF-L1| CPR/AED Certified

I’m a firefighter in the Metro Detroit area. I’ve lived an active lifestyle since I was a child. Playing all kinds of sports, I found soccer and played for a number of travel teams competitive in the Midwest until my freshman year of college. After a while of focusing on academics, I needed to find a better outlet than curls at the local 24 hour gym. I found CrossFit via the mainsite with a good friend back in 2013. What started out as workouts done on the elementary school playground behind his house, turned into doing WODs like “Linda” early on Sunday mornings at the globo gym we worked out at. It wasn’t until a mutual friend invited us to a free fit at his CF box that I decided to join my own. The same friend lifted with CANUSA Barbell Club, and my entrance into the weightlifting and Crossfit world was sealed. After about a year of steady training, I decided it was time to take on a larger role at the gym and got my CFL1. I continue to weightlift and do CrossFit because I truly believe there is no better test of your physical and mental fitness out there better than CrossFit. Other than that, I enjoy good beer, better scotch, and wheeling at the local pub. 

Favorite Lift: 1RM Snatch, and 1RM Clean Jerk.

My least favorite WOD: Anything with thruster/burpees. 

Gary Moroni

CF-L1 | CPR/AED Certified

Katie Prince

CF-L1, AED/BLS Certified

Like many others, I did sports when I was younger, ballet, softball, and then volleyball in high school. After high school, I stayed active, but never really had a work out routine that I enjoyed. I stumbled across CrossFit on Facebook in 2010 and joined immediately. I love the combination of fitness and family that it provides, and that it encourages you to be a better athlete every day. 

Like all the coaches at Motor City, Katie wants to see everyone improve and excel at the sport of fitness and reach their fitness goals.

Scott Ziegler

CF-L1, Professional Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, Tech Rescue Instructor, CPR/AED certified


I have been a part of Motor City CrossFit SCS for about 4 years now, as well as a firefighter for 12 years, and I currently work for the City of Detroit Fire Dept. I also teach high angle rope rescue, and confined space rescue as a side job. I am an advocate for a nonprofit for firefighter health and fitness as well. When I am not at the box you can find me gazing up at an American flag day dreaming about America, or feeding bald eagles by the shore. I enjoy everything and anything that includes the great outdoors, and if you bring me any sort of craft beer, we will be friends forever. I am terrible with names so please do not be offended when I forget yours or call you by someone else's. 

I started CrossFit when I realized I was not in the proper shape to do my job anymore. I continue to do CrossFit because my life, and the lives of others depend on my physical capabilities. The people I have met here motivate me to keep going. 

Favorite WOD- Cindy. It was the first CrossFit WOD I ever did before coming to an actual CrossFit box. And I would do it often. 

Least Favorite WOD- Fran. I hate thrusters. And anything with double unders, I quit.

Brenda Trudeau

CF-L1 | CPR/AED Certified

Brenda started coaching with us in 2017 and continues to be a great asset to our facility. She is married and has three wild little boys!

Justin farrell

CF-L1 Trainer

Justin joined our team of trainers in 2018 after transferring from another local box.

Alex Brake

BootCamp Insturctor